Les The Punter

Format: Short Screenplay – now adapted for theatre
Length: 15 minutes
Characters: 4
Locations/scenes: 3 film, 2 theatre

A penniless punter’s funeral collection is invested on a horse at great odds. The horse wins – and the race to the bookmaker is on.

What they say, stage:
“I really liked this piece. At first I didn’t but the dialogue and general weirdness of it won me over.

The characters are funny, although I do feel there may be one too many. However, they’re memorable and the language is fun and has a lot of wit at times. It’s not always witty and there are a few times it feels stilted, so take another proof of it to sharpen it up.

I predicted the twist of the horse winning as will the audience, but I think we’re meant to as it means we don’t predict the final strange twist, which is a really imaginative ending.

I think the audience will really enjoy this. What is also nice is that it’s not a scene from a piece to be extended that’s masquerading as a short play. It works at the length it is and is memorable.

Well done, I look forward to seeing it staged.”
Script appraisal
Manchester ADP

What they say, screen:
“A lovely, lovely script. Well done! It’s charming and funny… the dialogue is great. The pages just fly by. I couldn’t help imagine actors like Caine and Gambon doing it. It would be truly wonderful if that were possible… never say never!”
Phil Hawkins (IMDb)

“Les The Punter has such an original voice and tone. It’s a beautiful story veiled in sharp English humor. Each character pops in this whimsical tale, leading to a satisfying and grin-inducing ending.”
Laurence Cohen (IMDb)

“An entertaining story with a distinctive sense of language, place and character…and a great twist. The narration has a poetic charm, and being limited to three very easy locations means it will be relatively easy to shoot.”
Melissa Kent (IMDb)
Film Editor

What next:
The full scripts for screen and stage are available to read on request.

3 thoughts on “Les The Punter

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