Writing History

I’m a Writer’s Guild Of Great Britain Candidate Member, currently working on the upgrade. Below is a summary of the projects I’ve completed plus those I’m currently developing.


  • Little Light Bulb (recorded)
  • Glitter and Star


  • It only hurts when I breathe (sitcom – first episode and 5 outlines)
  • “Frame Sales” (comedy drama series outline)


  • Dead End
  • The Addict and the Lamppost


  • Siren (experimental – recorded)
  • Peter & Sara
  • The People’s Book Of Law

Short screenplays

  • Dic Dic Alley
  • Six Ten From Stutbridge
  • Writer’s Block
  • Library’s Fine (2nd Round BSSC 2009)
  • Alarm Clock (3rd Round BSSC 2010)
  • Universal Space Tour (top 25 Wildsound 2010). Got a read through.
  • Tubby’s Car Project (5th place CSSC 2011)
  • Rosarian (3rd Round BSSC 2011)
  • Please Bring A Plate Of Sandwiches (7th CSSC, 2nd Round BSSC 2012)
  • After The Tone (long list, Valentine’s Day screenplay contest)


  • April’s Fish – 5 page short for a Talent Circle/Red Planet Productions comp. Entered 17th January. Reached the top ten out of over 2000 entries.
  • Les The Punter –  CSSC 2014 2nd. Bluecat Shorts 2015 top 25 (Semi Finals), Hammond House short screenplay competition 2017 2nd.

The Prestbury Long Shot (feature film – first draft completed)

Les The Punter (theatre adaptation) Free Kick (radio drama) Batty Betty (Children’s book)

Longshot (AKA The Prestbury Long Shot) – new treatment/draft in progress
Outline of Breaking Point – radio drama about the misconceptions of bi-polar disorder

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