The racing world provides…

I’m struggling with my horse racing script. Every “in” seems cliched and until I can breakthrough that then the story remains untold.

However, the real-life horsey racing world remains vibrant with con artists and, as such, remains a healthy breeding ground for filmic ideas.

Here’s the latest example, thanks again to the Racing Post: read the article here.

What amazes me is not the naivety of the victims but their commitment to greed. We’re all told something for nothing – or if it’s too good to be true – are best avoided and the victims have blatantly ignored those tropes.

Here are folk who take an intelligent punt on the dark side, convincing themselves along the way that everything is okay. In the belief that they will come out richer, which they didn’t.

Also of note in the article, many were “done” twice or more over.

Okay, these are simple and obvious emotions on the surface and there must be a thousand or more scripts/films peddling the same tale.

But this isn’t about them, it’s about my racing script. It’s about my twist.

Perhaps the window of my “in” has just opened.

At last.



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