1: Inside the movie business

A quick trio of related posts, starting with…

Although recorded back in 2017, a Ted Talk came into my stream the other day that provided a profound insider’s view of the movie business – and in particular the way scripts get chosen. It’s worth sharing.

Ted Talk pic 1The talk, by Franklin Leonard, is entitled “How I accidentally changed the way movies get made” and the focus is on The Black List that he created.

I found this talk worthwhile (links at the bottom of this post) on several levels.

First and foremost as an insider angle on the script selection process it is truly fascinating. Franklin Leonard is a wise and engaging speaker.

Second level, I found the number of feature scripts swilling around the movie business to be staggering. Is everyone writing feature scripts? I thought it was just me!

Which leads to level number three: Written a script? Sent it off? Waiting for it to be made? Think again.

The Black List puts scripts in front of industry professionals. It’s a clever filter and yet, even filtered, it has more than 3,500 scripts in its system. That’s a lot of quality scripts that’ll never get made.

After watching I had an overwhelming urge to stop writing. What’s the point? It’s impossible to get through to movie makers. There are too many scripts out there. I can’t compete. It’s hopeless.

Well, actually it isn’t hopeless. Peel back the processes of writing a film script and the core is nothing more or less than the strength of an original idea – which admittedly makes it sound all too easy, which it isn’t.

And to help on that front, find out what I discovered (about “The Idea”) in post 2 of this series.

Meanwhile, here are the promised links:

Franklin Leonard: “How I accidentally changed the way movies get made”

About The Black List

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