Theatre, Les and a tentative next step

This Wednesday I went to my local theatre (a first) to see Jim Cartwright’s “Two”, a performance that explored 14 different pub characters acted by a male and female (hence the title “Two”). It was performed in the theatre’s Studio.

The reason for being there was to see how I could turn Les The Punter (a thirty minute screenplay) into a theatrical studio piece, and to that end I loved the intimacy of the Studio environment and the possibilities it holds.

However, I had no positive feeling for the performance I saw and am worried about this .

I didn’t see anything engaging, heart warming, confrontational or blissful about the characters. Worst still, there was no pace,  no snap, no vibe, no life. I’m fearful of the flowery pretensions of theatre and they seemed all too evident here – in the writing, exorcised through the acting.

My worry is, maybe this is what theatre is. And if so, maybe I’m not suited to it.

Positively, Les The Punter is an observation of real pub characters in a real pub environment, exaggerated into a ridiculous story about a lost betting slip and a winning horse. It could have a place in this Studio. It could provide entertainment.

The question is, how do I write my screenplay into a theatre production? Am I capable? Can I do it? And do I have to assume some kind of theatricality to achieve this goal?

Too many questions – head’s hurting – but, in summary, I was thrilled to discover the local theatre’s Studio environment and the exciting possibilities of Les’s next step.

Not that you’re asking but, yes, I’m glad I went on Wednesday.

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