New Year resolutions

Les The Punter has garnered attention from some highly regarded film folk and hopefully in 2015 I will find a way to get it made.

My first New Year resolution.

Plus, my dear friend Cherry suggested Les could make a theatre production and I promise I’ll follow that through. Not mad keen on theatre myself but will attend the local theatre group and who knows, something great or good may come of it all.

My second New Year resolution.

I have two feature length scripts I want to write. One has a horse racing connection I’ll get to work on for real when/if I can get Les The Punter made. The other feature length script I originally wrote the story for in 1996 and have built on it year on year. During 2015 I will try to write this script to draft one.

My third and final New Year resolution.

These promises to self rely solely on my own determination. I hope you realise your resolutions in a similar fashion.

Happy New Year to you all 🙂